2011 Havard Reunion
Bronson & Pat Havard
A HAVARD reunion of years gone by.....who do you recognize?
The Havard Family 2011 Quilt was auctioned with all proceeds
going to the Cemetery Association.
          Most attendees signed the quilt back and the quilt was purchased by
                                    Charlene Walker  for $751!
Johnny Gilcrease
& his Grimes photo
Rayla & Ray
Bennis Blake
Charles Crain
Debbie Havard & Lois
Kathryn & Cary
Lloyd Havard
Betty Havard Halsell
Dr. Angela Havard/Patton
& Thelma Havard
Linwood Dykes
Bronson & Dr. Harold W. Havard
Betty, Debbie & Lois
Angela, E & Hannah
Day Ladies
Debbie Havard
Kathryn visiting with
Bryant Harris
Dr. Harold W. Havard
Manning's Gibbs Mansion
Linwood, Wynn & Ray
Lula May
Harold G. Havard
Lois & Lloyd
Kenneth Havard
Kathryn Day
Larry Maxon
Raybon, Earnest,
Gaylon & Otis
Richard Cryer
Charlene & Vickie
Pat Havard
Rick Havard & Aunt
Rick Havard w/ Mom & Aunt
Shirley & Thelma at Gibbs mansion
Travis Havard
The Hollingsworths
Sylvia Kay & Family
Vickie & Tonya           Vickie & Haley
Wynn Havard & Family