William Winfred Havard
William Winfred Havard &
Nellie Marie Cryer
Curtis William, Thelma Louise,
Betty Nell
Old Manning rock quarry. L to R is Luther Day, Rob Fridell, Leon Day and W.W. Havard
W.W. Havard, Luther Day, Brant Myers and Louis Johnson sharpening and ax in the woods.
It appears that they may be "turpentiners." Click
HERE to read a story about"turpentiners."
William Winfred Havard second from right.....in short sleeve shirt
William H. (Will) Havard
& Artie Ellen Denum
Nellie and Vickie Havard
W.W, Otis, OB Lee, Artie, Lester
Thanks to Betty Havard Halsell for the photos
Nellie and Harold Havard
1950's Nellie Havard Texas Star Quilt
W,W, Havard and Joe Carl Halsell at Betty & Joe
Halsell's House
1946 Nellie Marie Cryer Havard
Richard Cryer
Father of Nellie Marie
Cryer Havard
the pistol in his belt.