Sylvia Kay Havard
Lester Havard
& Gladys Day
Ray Modisett
Facing the picture, on the left side, left to right: the young boy is Charlie Grimes, who also went by the last name of Christian. The three men directly behind him
are Uncle Jess Havard, Pastor Marshall Ivy and Tom Havard(I think). I may not be correct on all of these, but I’ll ask my mother. She has this picture. The other
man on that side is my daddy, Eulon Page. The women are: front row left to right, Nettie Cryer and Aunt Gladys Havard. Behind them are Ruthie Mae Cryer and
Aunt Allie Grimes. The two women in back, left to right are Merle Grimes and Bertie Havard, Tom’s wife.(If I’m right about him, I think that’s who she is)

On the other side, starting in front with the children, I'm not sure about the little girl, it may be George and Jo Grimes' daughter, Dorinda. Next to her are John
Page, Richard Grimes, me(Patti Page) with Ray Modisett(Sylvia's son) in front of me. Next are my grandmother and grandfather, Ruby Tatum Day and Leon Day.

Second row: Sylvia Havard, Lula Day Page, Lois Day, a visiting woman preacher, (a Sister Hall maybe), the man between her and Ruby is Tony Grimes, Wynn,
and I just can't place the man next to Wynn.

Back row: Phyllis Page, Maelene Cryer, Jo Jones Grimes, George Grimes, the dark haired man behind Wynn is Earnest Day and I think the man in back is
Lindale Grimes, but I’m not sure.  (Names provided by Patti Page)