Sank Tucker Havard
Clyde Johnson Havard and Nita

Lena Loretta Smith

The first file is my husband Sank, the
second is Sank when he was in school
in about 1947 or 48 , the third is  Sank's
Uncle Norman Havard , Clyde's
brother , The fourth is Clyde when he
was in his early 20's maybe, the fifth is
this picture is at church it has some of
the  Havard's in it the names are wrote
on the photo which was done along
time ago , the sixth is Jeremiah ( Sank)
Havard and wife Rhoda Caroline Page
taken in 1919 , the seventh picture is the
placard thats on the original picture of
them , but it has the name as Sark
which was wrote incorrectly when it was
done., and the last is of my husband
Sank Tucker Havard and his mother
Nida  , this was for his first hair cut and
she got her hair cut to so he wouldn't be
scared .  I hope this will help if I come
across more I will try to send them .
Sank and mother Nita
King Sank at school
1947 or 1948
Sank Tucker Havard
Thanks to Sank and Lena Havard from Tarkington Prairie, Texas for
these photos.
The photo below is Rural Shade Church.  Note Willis Havard is marked
on the photo and a cutout is to the right.
Jeremiah "Sank" Havard
Rhoda C. Page
Restored from a 1919 photo.