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About half a block north of the Leon
Day homestead at Saron, there is a
dirt road, now named the Joskey
Dykes Road, leading east to a log
cabin where My Great-Uncle Jess and
Aunt Dellie Havard once lived, and
also my Uncle Odis and Aunt Essie
Day Havard lived.

One summer day in 1938, when I was
7 years old, and my sister Kathryn was
8, our older sister, Gladys, age 16,
asked us if we wanted to go to Aunt
Essie's with her.  Of course, we were
happy to go, skipping along picking
daisies or other flowers.

When we arrived at Aunt Essie's, Kat
and I stayed outside to play and
Gladys went inside.  After awhile, we
got thirsty and went to the kitchen to
get some water.  What we saw
shocked us.  Gladys and Havard were
all hugged up, arms wrapped around
each other, kissing!!

They were surprised and
apprehensive that we had discovered
their little romantic rendezvous.    
Havard reached into his shirt pocket,
pulled out a package of Juicy Fruit
Gum, and gave us each a piece so we
wouldn't tell daddy!

We didn't see Aunt Essie because she
wasn't at home that day.  I know  now
the reason that Gladys wanted Kat and
me to go along was to chaperone.

Perhaps their lovers' tryst that day 63
years ago is why I am an incurable
romantic to this day.  And we kept our
promise not to tell daddy.

Ruth Richardson Day
Curtis Havard & Gladys Day
                                    ASKING FOR HAND IN MARRIAGE
                                 The Old-Fashioned Way

Rain was beating down on the tin roof of our house one cold December day in 1938.  Daddy had
lit a fire in the fireplace, and I was lying down on a cot or single bed in the living room by the
double windows overlooking the porch.  I don't remember if I was ill or just resting.  Mama was in
the room with us, and possibly Kathryn also.  Even with the rain, I felt calm and serene.

Suddenly a knock came at the door.  Mama, the servant that she always was, opened the door.  
There stood Havard in his blue denim overalls and khaki shirt, his usual everyday attire.  He came
in and got by the fireplace, warming his hands.

In those days, our chair seats were made with cowhide, and he took a seat in one near Daddy in
front of the fireplace.  Perhaps Mama made coffee, because Havard loved his coffee.  Daddy
would drink about a half cup with just a little bit of cream.

Havard was telling Daddy that he and Gladys wanted to get married, and he had come to get
Daddy's permission to marry her because she was only 16.  He was probably 6 ft. tall, and Gladys
was 4 ft. 10 in. tall.  All of us Days are short, the tallest being 5 ft. 2 in.  Mama started crying.  I
don't remember Havard's exact words, or Daddy's, but he did give his permission and maybe
some admonitions on how to treat his daughter.  He was a minister and a very kind and generous

I don't think I realized then because of my age exactly what was going on or what was being said
until after Havard left.  When I didn't understand something, I would always ask Mama to tell me.

You know the rest of the story.  They got married, at our house, no doubt.... I can't
remember....early the next year.  We all loved Havard very much.  He was the only brother I had
ever known.

Ruth Day Richardson
Essie DAY Havard, Gladys DAY Havard
and Louise.