Gary L. Havard

Gary Havard passed away on October 30, 2003 after a brief illness. He
graduated from Arlington State College (now UTA) in 1953. He was active in
the Corps of Cadets and rose to the rank of Lieutenant. He was a member of
the renowned Sam Houston Rifles and participated in many events
throughout Texas and the region. After enlisting in the US Army,his
assignments took him to Fort Hood, TX, and to Supreme Allied Headquarters
in Paris, France. He attributed the leadership and discipline he gained at
ASC through his participation in ROTC and as a member of the Sam
Houston Rifles to his success in the Army and his future endeavors.

After his discharge, he finished his education at Texas Tech University,
graduating in 1960 with a BA in Architecture. He moved to Fort Worth, TX,
and immediately fell in love with the historical environment of "Cowtown.”
During the next 30 years, Gary helped raise a family, designed over $400
million in development, and helped spark a preservation effort to secure the
heritage of Fort Worth.

Gary authored several books about the history of Fort Worth. He
commissioned the Bill Picket Memorial sculpture in front of Cowtown
Coliseum. He was the first chairman of the Historic and Advisory Board for
the City of Fort Worth and served for 8 years. He was the editor of the
Tarrant County Historic News; a member of the Texas Society of
Architectural Historians; and an honorary member of the Former Texas
Rangers Association. He wrote the Historic Zoning Ordinance for the City of
Fort Worth, and he has been a champion and leading advocate for the
preservation of historic Fort Worth. He was selected by the State of Texas to
be the official artist for the 1986 Sesquicentennial, and he created posters
for Texas A&M, Baylor University, University of Texas, University of
Arkansas, and the University of Oklahoma. He did over 120 posters
depicting Texas, American patriotism, and the historical heritage of
institutions and places. He also designed the current logo for the University
of Texas at Arlington.

Gary was commissioned by the Military Science Department at UTA in 1999
to produce a painting to show the military history of the UTA campus and the
Corps of Cadets. Cadet Echoes portrays a hundred years of tradition that
only an artist with Gary’s love for both history and art could produce. Today
his painting is proudly displayed at the University of Texas at Arlington and
on this website.

He is survived by his wife, Fran, and three children: Courtney, Joel, and
Derek (now deceased), and one grandchild.