Collie O. Z. Havard
                Son of "Dunk" Havard                 1912-1979
Now Uncle Collie. I don’t remember Ronnie’s mother, but the
first I remember of Uncle Collie. his wife was named Jenny. I
don’t know what her maiden name was. They lived in
Opelousas, La. He worked for Sun Oil Company at that time.
They lived on Julia, Judy, Julias,or something like that with a
similar street name. I think it was about a block or so to the
north off highway 90 as you came in to Opelousas from the
west. We went to see them a couple of times when I was a
kid. His wife’s sister, Mary, lived with them. Uncle Collie had a
shop next to his house and he had a lot of wood working
power tools that I remember him showing to Daddy and
talking about what he did with them. They also had a cocker
spaniel dog. I don’t remember his name, but he was solid
black. I can remember Uncle Collie asking the dog to go get
French fries and the dog would go to the refrigerator and
scratch on the door. When we lived in Zavalla they came to
visit us several times and Uncle Collie usually had a pint of
whiskey with him. He didn’t mind taking a nip of it as I
remember. I remember we would get letters in the mail from
them occasionally.

I remember he was in the Navy. I do remember seeing a
picture of him in Mama’s old picture box in his Navy uniform,
and the best I remember, Ronnie was in the picture with him.

By Morgan Havard
1930 Census
1920 Census
Harold, the brown house is Uncle
Collie's and the white structure to the
right is where his shop was. I don't
remember it being that big, but it also
looks like it could have been added on

If you look closely to the right of the
white building you can see another
street. Julia street intersected that
street in a T intersection, just as it
shows on Google Earth. Uncle Collie's
place was located in this particular
corner piece of property.

Thanks for prompting me to finding
something to do.

Harold, I have been playing around on Google Earth trying to come up with a
pic of the house where Uncle Collie and Jennie lived when we used to visit
them, which would have been somewhere in the mid 1950's. I distinctly have a
clear memory of what the house looked like and where his shop was located
with respect to the house.

Back then, the house was painted white and there was a carport on the right
side of the house as shown in this photo. His shop was to the right of the
carport which at that time was a lot with only his shop on it. Looks as
though, when I pan around and look at where the shop was, it has been added
on to or torn down and someone rebuilt something like a duplex on it.

The street at that time did not have a curb next to the property line, there
was only a shallow ditch. So over the years there have been a few changes to
the surroundings.
Collie & Ronnie Havard
Charles Ronald "Ronnie" Havard
Collie & Ronnie Havard
Collie at work