Clyde Johnson Havard
                                         6/9/1890 - 12/15/1969
HI I am Lena Havard the wife of Sank Tucker Havard , birth May
9 1942 , he is the son of Clyde Johnson Havard whom was the
son of Jeremiah Sank Havard . We were recently contacted by a
family member who told us about the Havard Family site and I
am interested in any info that I can get . I have heard alot of
stories about Clyde and my husband would be the best one to
talk about him . My husbands mother was Nida  Semenole  Birth
May 25, 1918 , death March 28 , 1998 . Sank has 2 daughters
by his first wife they married in 1962  Agurie ( Sally) Potter birth
Jan 23 ,1945 -46 , Children are daughter Charlotte Renee
Havard Roberts birth April 10 1963 married Nov 7 1983 to
Joseph Bill Roberts birth March 11 1963 whos  Children are son
Zachary Tucker Roberts  birth July 19 1984 , daughter Destiny
Nicole Roberts Conner birth Aug 19 1989 married to Daniel
Conner and  Malina  Gail Havard  birth Feb 19  1971 ,married
Oct 23 1989 to  first husband  Thomas P. Hebert birth June 6  
children are son Thomas Paul Hebert III birth Jan 6 1990 and
Justin Alexander Hebert birth Jan 13 1991 . I am Sank's second
wife Lena Loretta Smith Havard birth Jan 22 1964 we got
married  on Jan 14 1996 at his home in Tarkington his fathers
old place the house we live in was built in 1896  , I do not know
who built it . I do know that they raised cattle and hogs in the
river bottoms and would herd them to the farm here in
Tarkington , they used to farm cotton , corn , and alot of other
things , they smoked their own meat and shared with alot of
other families out here in the Tarkington area and the river
bottoms , after my husbands father passed he and his mother
took over tending to the cattle at least the one that they didn't
have to sell . It would be best if someone wanted to find out
more they could call and talk to my husband . Our contact # is
281-592-3330 , my email is

Lena Havard
Jeremiah Sank Havard & Rhoda C.

Nita Semenole

Sank Tucker Havard