Charles Ronald Havard
                                          Son of Collie Havard     1938
Harold, your email regarding uncle Collie got my
attention. I remember a few things about him from
when I was a kid and I also remember Charles
Ronald Havard, we called him Ronnie. I saw Ronnie
maybe 3 to 4 times in my life and when I was newly
married and living in Houston, Ronnie contacted me
and this is very vague, but I think he came to see me
at that time. At that time he was living in Humble, TX.
When I go to and search for a
Charles Ronald Havard in Humble there are 2 that
come up. I don’t know if one of them could be him or
not. It lists one of them as being 72 years of age and
that could be about right if he was born in 1938. I
remember seeing Ronnie one time at Uncle Tree’s
house when they lived in Brookland. At Uncle Tree’s,
we went fishing at some creek around there and put
out throw lines, also went swimming in the creek. I
also remember seeing him at Aunt Clem’s house
once and some of us went down to the Neches River
by her house and went swimming. Also when he
came to see me in Houston, it seems like he and I
went somewhere together, but as I said, that is very
vague in my mind.
Charles Ronald Havard
1942 Texas License Tag
Ernice-Ronnie's Mother