Alice Wilda Havard
50th Anniversary
60th Anniversary
Elmer at age 23
Wilda's father Charlie Harris Havard and Iva Jett Havard
Wilda on her wedding day
young Wilda on wash day
Photos from Wilda Havard Lindstroms biography
published in 1997
Wilda Lindstrom, born January 18, 1916, in Huffman, Texas, passed away on September 14, 2011,
in Houston, Texas, just as she was making plans for her 96th year. Wilda was( beloved by daughter
Iva Nell Lindstrom Jensen and her husband Robert (deceased); son, Kenneth Elmer Lindstrom, and
his wife, Cathie; son, Hershel Douglas Lindstrom, and his wife, Veronica; and Helen Lindstrom, wife
of son, Everett Nolan Lindstrom, (deceased); plus, Wilda's grandchildren, Doug and Julie Rock,
Stephen and Mary Simion, Greg and Lisa Jensen, Daniel and Lisa Robinson, David and Joy Jensen,
Kimberly Lindstrom, John Lindstrom, Scott and Heather Cisneros, Cody and Kelsey Kuretich, and
Nathan and Stephanie Lindstrom, and 15 great grandchildren.
With Wilda's passing goes almost a century of family, Texas, and US history. The energy she brought
to all her endeavors stayed with her to the end. She attempted and accomplished more than most
people could even imagine. To her family and community, she was an institution. Her absence will
leave a huge vacancy.
Wilda was the 5th born of 7 children. She had 2 older brothers and 4 sisters. She grew up in Huffman,
Texas. Her parents, Iva Jett Havard and Charley Harrison Havard, were real pioneers and taught their
children strong values of family, God and country. Her early life revolved around rural family activities
and rituals including hard work on the farm, regular worship services, and local socials with neighbors
and school mates. They lived through the depression but didn't feel it as much as city folk because
their farm was completely self sustaining.
She met her husband, a handsome Swedish lad from the neighboring town of Crosby, Texas, John
Elmer Lindstrom, at a church picnic when she was 17 years old and he was 27. She loved to tell the
story of how he asked her to go home with him that day to meet his parents and then proposed to her a
few hours later at their home. It was love at first sight for both of them. They married 10 months later
on January 27, 1934 and celebrated their 70th anniversary 4 months before he passed away on April
14, 2004 at the age of 98.
The passions that Wilda carried through her life were her 4 children, her husband, her church, her
country and her crafts. She loved to sew and made all her children's clothes all the way through high
school, including her boy's shirts.
She was quick and inventive and always figured out a way to do things easier and better. Wilda made
too many quilts to count but was sure all her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren had a
special one of his own. She made quilts for close friends and patriotic quilts for Iraq Veterans.
The last of the hunters and gatherers, she searched out local farms and picked and froze purple hull
peas, field corn, pecans and peaches and fed throngs of friends with her bounty. Her baking and
cooking were fast and furious and delicious and enjoyed by her large extended family.
After her four children left home, Wilda got involved in politics and is credited in several text books
with helping Texas become a two party state.
She gave unselfishly of her time and energy in many areas to promote the growth of the Republican
Party. Since volunteering in John Tower's compaign in 1961, Wilda was continuously involved in
working for Republican candidates and issues including the Barry Goldwater campaign for president;
1964-2008 Founder and charter member of the Area Womens Club;
1965 Served as Harris County Precinct Chairman
1966-2008 Member of the Harris County Vacancy Committee and State Republican Executive
1967 Secretary for the Houston-Harris County Republican Womens Club;
1968 National Delegate for Ronald Reagan to Miami;
1976 Alternate Delegate to National Convention in Kansas City
1984 Presidential Elector;
1987 Named an Outstanding Volunteer for the Republican Party in Harris County
1988 Served on the Credentials Committee for the Republican State Convention
Wilda appeared several times in Meg McKain Grier's, Grassroots Women, A Memoir of the Texas
Republican Party. In 1997, she published her own memoirs From My Heart to Yours, where she
expanded on her life and times and love of politics.
A Celebration of Wilda's life, Order of Service 3:00pm, Monday, September 19, 2011, River Pointe
Church, 970 Dell Dale Street, Channelview, TX 77530. Judge Paul Pressler and Rev. Rob Morris