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Havard History
"How to Use & Enjoy the Site"
The site is broken down into many sections:
Our Welsh history, Valley Forge, East Texas History, Newsletters and Individual HAVARDS or kin.
To find all pages click on HAVARD LINKS AND PAGES on the buttons on the left of the home page.
Then click on the subject or persons name you want to see.
To see a virtual family tree for a Havard....just click on their name and then click on "Parent" on each page.
This takes you through the family tree to the first Havard on our site.

There are photos and text that you can click on when you see this      and it takes you to more information.  

IF you are a HAVARD descendant and you want to be included on the site we will need your
ancestry information (relatives including, parents and grandparents) and old photos to put on
the pages.

Our desire is to make this a historical as well as an individual family type site.
We can't make it happen without you.  
We need your help in the form of old Havard stories, documents and photos.
They can be emailed or mailed to the
webmaster at hghavard@aol.com
We aren't a research center and will be unable to answer ancestry questions at this time.
To join our email notification just send your email address to hghavard@aol.com
Enjoy the site!

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