"Edison used to work very hard in his research at
beta, the faster brain wave frequencies. Then when
he would reach a 'sticking point'he would take one
of his famous 'cat naps'. He would doze off in his
favorite chair, holding steel balls in the palms of his
hands. As he would fall asleep - drifting into alpha -
his arms would relax and lower, letting the balls fall
into pans on the floor. The noise would wake Edison
and very often he would awaken with an idea to
continue with his project."
The large porch wraps around the entire house.
The Edison bedroom and dining room
The Henry Ford winter home
was closed for
of the Ford
were in the
facilities on
the grounds.
The second largest Banyan tree in the U.S.
The largest is in Hawaii!
The estates of Edison &
Ford were frequented
by H. Firestone &