Shrimp Boil March 21, 2010
Araba Shrine Mariners
Ft. Myers, Florida
Araba Shrine Mariners
Ft. Myers, Florida
Boiling the shrimp
The ladies assist in the preparation...........
The shrimp is cooked and it's 3 pm and here they come....
The KITCHEN STAFF checks supplies, washes the shrimp,
and prepares everything needed for a GREAT meal!
This great group of Shrimp Boilers places the shrimp in the net bags,
drops them into the hot water, times the cook time, tells a story or
two, removes the perfectly cooked shrimp and they're ready to serve!
The Araba Mariner Ladies prepare the
bread, cut the pies into perfect pieces, take
a break and share some good times!