Marion and Ted Ruder
and Son on Father's Day
PC Paul Griffin,
Commodore Ken Hardy
and RC Dave Harris

Seated is the Imperial
Potentate taken 3/17/2010
St. Patrick's Day

The Imperial Potentate
is the highest ranking
Shriner in the world.
The International
Association of Shrine
Yacht Clubs Store in
Port Charlotte
Gabe and Elaine Sedloff
Dick Mirr showing off
his new invention as
Duke Snyder and Dave
Harris look on
Dick Mirr     and    Marty Rowe
Linda and Joe Giulivo
Mariners and wives at Rendezvous
Gabe and Elaine Sedloff
Mariners at
Fort Myers
on the
Maycel Mirr,
Sandy Harris
and Dick Mirr
at the
Araba Ceremonial
Our float
in the
Punta Gorda
The Alamo,
site of the 2009
Imperial Shrine
Duke and Marye Snyder
Sandy and Dave Harris
at the
Potentates Ball
Nov 7, 2009
January 2010
Araba Shrine Mariners
Affiliated with
Florida Shrine Mariners, Yacht Clubs Assoc. & IASYC

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