Araba Shrine Mariners
Ft. Myers, Florida
Affiliated with
Florida Shrine Mariners, Yacht Clubs Assoc. & IASYC
Araba Shriners
Contact:  John A. Firmes
2010 Hanson Street
Fort Myers, FL  33901-7222
Fax  239.334.4010

2011 Appointees and Directors

Chaplain                       Larry Wills
Warrant Officer            Ted Ruder
Fleet Captain                Warren Visbeck        
Historian-Photos           Larry Wills
Treasurer                     Jack Bacon PP                  
Parliamentarian             Tom Whaley, PC
Secretary                     Ed Cotton               
FSMYCA Liaison          Dick Mirr PC               
Director                                                      IASYC
Liaison              Dave Harris
Director                       Larry Wills 1 yr                  
Chief of Protocol          Wesley Allison, PC             
Director                       Donald Snyder PC 2 yrs
Committee Chairs

Hospital                  Marty Rowe,PC                     
Sunshine                 Marty Rowe,PC
Membership            Glen Krieg,PC                       
Past Comm. Party   Tony Clark
By-Laws                 Rudy Matland   ,PC               
Appreciation Picnic  Tony Clark
Parade Driver         Tony Clark,Ken Hardy            
SAMSAR                Marty Rowe,PC                    
Paper Drive             Ken Hardy
Our Fort Myers Bridge Officers:
Commodore                Dave Harris
Vice Commodore        Ed Cotton P.P.
Rear Commodore         Warren Visbeck
Fleet Captain               Warren Visbek
Treasurer                  Jack Bacon
Secretary                    Wally Peet
Past Commodore          Tony Clark
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2010-2011 FSMYCA Bridge with Dick Mirr & Dave Harris
HERE for more photos from Ocala
Oct. 30,


October Event Photos
Cruise, Tiki Hut, Imperial Potentate, etc!!!!
Click HERE for photos of our 2011 Change of Watch
2010 Change of Watch     PC  Paul Griffin, Potentate  Ed Cotton, Commodore   
Ken Hardy, Rear Commodore Dave Harris, Vice Commodore   Tony Clark  
Fleet Captain   Dick Nelson
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Change of Watch Photos