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After graduation from LHS, I obtained my BS & MEd degrees from SFASU.   Married Suzanne Rowin (class of 1966) in
August of 1968 (as of today she still hasn't kicked me out).  We have three daughters: JonAnna, graduate of Texas
A&M, Heather, graduate of Texas A&M and South Texas College of Law, and Kristen, graduate of Howard Payne
University.  We also have 4 grandchildren and 2 more on the way.  I have been teaching school for 41 years, the past 39
at Diboll High School.
We reside at 609 Brookwood, Diboll, TX
Lufkin High School
Class of '65
Jan/Jay Marshall
Class salutatorian
How many of you
know that Toni Lynn
Gill (McCall), class
became a teacher at
Angelina College?
Jesse Bradford
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BIO and
a recent
Emily "Kitty" Carson

Kitty Carson Bounds
Husband's name is
Dale Bounds

I have 6 children and 9
grandchildren, a
blended family
10th grade with my sister, Mary Carol Grimes and
brother, Richard Carson Jr.
Kitty Bounds and husband Dale Bounds. Current
We have been married 15
years.  I live in Lufkin.
Retired after 39 years in public education - 25 years in the classroom, 7
years working for Region III Education Service Center as an Instructional
Technology Specialist, 7 years as the statewide Training Director for the
Texas Computer Education Association. Now I get to pick and choose
which part time jobs I want to take on.

Married and celebrating my 39th anniversary on July 24th. Two sons and
four grandchildren, one grandson only a few weeks old.

Ernest (Rusty) Sinclair
Austin, Texas
Lee Murrah

I was born in Lufkin in 1947 and grew up in rural Burke where I
attended Burke School through the 8th grade.  Since Burke taught
only 8 grades, I transferred to Lufkin Junior High in the 9th grade.  
After graduation from Lufkin High School, I received a BS degree in
electrical engineering from the University of Texas at Austin in
1970.  I immediately entered UT Law School and received my JD in

After law school I began work for Sun Oil Company in Richardson,
TX and became a licensed patent attorney.  In 1976 I transferred to
Sperry-Sun in Sugar Land, TX.  After Sperry-Sun was sold, I moved
to the Austin area and worked as Patent Counsel for the University
of Texas System for two years.  Following a two-year stint as a
patent attorney at a law firm in Dallas, I moved in 1986 to Cedar
Rapids, IA as Managing Patent Counsel for Rockwell International's
Collins Divisions.  In 1997 I transferred to Rockwell Automotive in
Troy, MI, which was spun off as a separate company as
ArvinMeritor, Inc., and served as their Chief Intellectual Property
Counsel until my retirement.

I have two daughters from my first marriage.  Lauren is a teacher in
Austin, and Lacey just received her MBA from Georgia Tech.  Cec
(short for "Cecilia") and I were married in 1997.  I have two
step-sons in the Omaha area and seven step-grandchildren in
Omaha and Savannah, GA.

I retired from ArvinMeritor in 2008, and we moved to Riverside, TX
where we built a home on Lake Livingston.  We spend much of our
time volunteering.  Cec is President of Huntsville Community
Theatre.  I am a member of the Walker County Historical
Commission, a board member of Independence Communities, Inc., a
Commissioner of the Walker County Emergency Services District
No. 1 and a member of the Riverside City Council.

When I entered the business world, I started using my middle name
because my unusual first name required constant explanation.  To
my old friends, however, I still answer to "Mac" and Macka Lee.
Just HOW I got here is too long of a story for
this limited space.
I’ve been in Virginia since ’72 and am now
living at the foot of the Allegheny Mountains
near the western edge of the Shenandoah
Valley. I am “semi-retired” in financial services;
serving existing clients from my home office.
My wife of 26 years, Ann (a native of
Vancouver, British Columbia), is a special
education teacher in Staunton, VA. My Mom,
Wanda, lives 3
hours away in the Maryland suburbs of D.C.
My son Ryan, his wife Amy, and only
grandchild Henry, live in West Hollywood, CA
where Ryan is in the music business. My
daughter Lisa and her “Emergency Contact
Person” Gary, live in Jeffersonton, VA where
Lisa works for an equine veterinarian. My
adopted son, Alazer, is in job training in
Charlottesville, VA. All appear in this  Family
Photo except Gary, who was the
photographer. My hobbies include Mustang
cars and Virginia history.
Rusty Welch
We enjoy:
Key West   (
Edna Hibel Art  (
Warm weather
Sanibel/Captiva Island
Turkeys in the trees behind the house

Cindy enjoys:
Genealogy (
Oscar Meyer Wiener Dog

Harold enjoys:

Thinkin' about retiring!  RETIRED 2012!!!!

We don't enjoy:
Born in Lufkin, Texas descending from a pioneer East Texas Family that settled land they aquired from
Spanish Land Grants in the 1860's.

Attended three years of college at Southern Bible College in Houston, Texas.
Married to Cindy Boehme/Havard.  Cindy is a native of Pittsburgh, PA.

I have been in the retail industry with Woolco, Wal-mart, Howard Discount, Computer City, CompUSA and
Sports Authority.  In positions from store manager, District Manager, Regional Manager, Divisional Manager
and Vice President.  And, I retired in Oct. 2012 and we opened a store.  The site is

Four children:
Theresa who is with Wal-mart.
Dr. Angela Havard-Patton with the Lewisville ISD and supervises cheer teams in Carrollton, TX
( and Adjunct Professor at Univ. of North Texas.  Two Masters and a Doctorate Degree.
Samantha Johnson who manages the Probate Court system in Jackson County, MI.
She earned a Bachelors Degree from UTA and JD degree from Nova Southeastern University in Davie, FL.
Gene Havard is an engineer with Lennox in Carrollton, TX and has a Bachelors from University Texas
Arlington.  He "enjoys" his 85 head of longhorn cattle in Terrell.
We have four grandchildren and a newborn (May) great grandson!
Cindy & Harold Havard
Cindy on the boat to Key West
Theresa                              Sam                       Angela, H & E                   Oscar

After attending 13 schools (1st, 10th, and 12th grades in Lufkin, TX), I moved to Huntsville, TX where I attended Sam Houston State University.  I
attended SHSU until Jan. 11, 1968 when I joined the United States Air Force.  I received training in Electronic Warfare Systems at Kessler AFB, MS.  
I was stationed at Bergstrom in Austin, TX (Nov. 1968-Aug. 1969); after additional training at Keesler, I was stationed at Udorn, Thailand (Oct. 1969-
Sept. 1970 where we were the F-4 fighter/recon support for the B52 raids), then back to Bergstrom until Dec. 1971.  I returned to SHSU where I
received my Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry/Math in Dec., 1973 and my Master of Science Degree in Analytical Chemistry in May, 1975.  I
worked as a chemist and a research chemist at Merichem, Inc. May, 1975 to May, 1983.  I worked as an electronic service engineer (out of Houston,
TX) for Laboratory Data Control/Milton Roy (which became Thermo Separation Products) from August, 1983 until Feb. 1996. (For five years of this
time, I had a 22 state territory.)  In Feb. 1996, I moved to Fort Worth, TX and worked for Alcon Laboratories, Inc. as a Senior Research Scientist until
my retirement, Feb. 1, 2010.

I met my wife, Martha Ann (Clark), at a singles retreat (South Main Baptist Church) in June, 1977.  After three dates, I asked her to share my life.  We
were married June 2, 1978 and lived in Houston, TX until our move here to Fort Worth. Martha is a 1964 graduate of Westwood HS in Palestine, TX.
She was born in Palestine, TX and lived there until her completion of LVN training.  While working part time at hospitals, primarily at MD Anderson in
Houston, she attended Texas Woman’s University in Denton where she received her Bachelor of Science Degree as a Registered Nurse.  This
training came in handy for me when in Sept., 2001 I had a heart attack and stint implant followed in Jan. 2002 with a diagnosis of stage 1 rectal
cancer.  I had chemo/radiation and in June 2002 I had surgery to remove the cancer.  This was followed by 8 months of more chemo.  I am now a 8+
year survivor.

I have had a very ‘explosive’ life.  I was born in Texas City in Mar. 1947.  In April two ships exploded blowing up most of the city.  In 1969, our base got
attacked a few times as well as several aircraft crashes near our shop. In 1975, one week after starting at Merichem, lightning struck a storage tank
located 150 yards from our lab.  In 1986 I was scheduled to be at Philips Petroleum Company in Pasadena but a small voice told me to get some
parts from storage, which I did not need on this day. I stopped for the parts and was 15 minutes delayed in going to Philips.  As I got to the ship
channel bridge, the plant had a major explosion killing 27 people.  Had I been on time, I would have been next to the tower that blew up or in the lab it
fell on.  On April 19, 1995, I was walking across Will Rogers Airport in Oklahoma City when the explosion occurred downtown.  And here in Fort
Worth, my mother-in-law and I were at Wedgwood Baptist Church on April 15, 1999 when Larry Ashbrook came into the church and killed 8 people
(we were just down the hall from where he entered the church).  

During our 32 years of marriage, Martha and I have been caregivers in our home for many family members.  We have one daughter, Melissa, and two
grandchildren Kristi and Jayden.  We are members of Wedgwood Baptist Church where I am a Deacon and children’s teacher.  Martha was a
member of the choir and a helper with the children’s ministries until her health declined.  We have been a part of the Gideon ministry since 1983.  I
love doing gardening (I have 21 rose bushes as well as a small garden area) and photography.  We have also been volunteers at our daughter and
now granddaughter’s elementary school.  We were chosen Volunteers of the Year for 2010 with ~50 days of volunteer time between us at the school.

With all of the moving around we did when I was a kid, it was nice to become a lifetime member of Lufkin High School’s Alumni Association.  Since
most of my life has been in the East Texas area, it is good to have roots in Lufkin, TX.
Sandi Slack Hutson bio:

I went to school in Lufkin all my life. I began at Central Ward elementary and then transferred to Kurth Elementary to the new building. I entered
Lufkin Junior High and sang in the choir. I went to Lufkin High School as a sophomore. I met a young man from Hudson named Phil Hutson, and we
fell in love. We married on September 3, 1963, which was the first day of my Junior year.  We built a home at Hudson and I went back to high
school and graduated with the Class of 1967 at Hudson High School.  We had one son, Cliff, and in 1968 we had another son, Brex.

In June 1971, we moved to Jasper, TX in order for my husband to manage the Leslo Sales for my family. We loved Jasper and it was a great place
to raise our children. Both of the boys graduated from Jasper High School and then went onto college. Cliff eventually managed a Leslo and so did
Brex. Then in time, Cliff married and moved to Jonesboro, Arkansas where he is now working for Lowe's. Brex eventually went on to be become a
Paramedic. Cliff and his wife have two daughters, and  Brex and his wife have one daughter. Brex inherited a 6-year old step-son at the time of his
marriage. And Phil and I inherited a grandson!  Now Cliff's daughters are 12 and 10 years old, Brex's daughter is 10 and his stepson, Casey
Cargile is 26. Casey spent a year in Iraq as a U. S. Marine until he was injured. Then he came home in time for his wife to give birth to their son.
They also have a little girl and are expecting another little boy in September, 2010. The baby they are expecting will be named Caden Philip in
honor of Brex and Phil.

My husband Phil was stricken with cancer at the base of his tongue in 2004. He fought hard for 2 years and endured many radiation treatments and
chemo at M. D. Anderson. Nothing seemed to work after a while and the doctor told us there was nothing else they could do for him. So we came
home and enjoyed the time he had left. After 42 years of marriage, Philip Marvin Hutson passed away from cancer on February 12, 2006 and was
buried on Valentine's Day, February 14, 2006. He was a good husband, a wonderful father to his sons and a very loving grandfather! My life was
changed so much it was unbelievable! But life goes on and my life is definitely going on!
Sandi Slack Madison
Susan Clarke Glade
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Rusty & GRANDson Gideon Sinclair