Elementary school pictures...
OK! Another assignment!  IF you attended elementary school in LISD.....send the webmaster your
class photo.  Include as much info as possible
Lufkin High School
Class of '65
Third grade class at Kurth Elementary- Mrs. Jordan/Eubanks.  From Fran Martin
First Row: Martha Ray, Marilyn (?), Charles (Dubby) Perry, Michael Stewart, Brenda Johnson, Lewis Roberts, Kay (?), Fran
Jones, Phil Hellburg, Morry Morrison, Joyce Roach, Paul Hayes

Second Row: (?) (?) Tommy Deal, (?) Rita Don Burrous, Sandra (?), Mike Bowser (?), Charlotte Font, Ronnie Ramey, (?),
Perry Batson,  Mrs. Jordan/Eubanks

Third Row: Jim Howard Todd, Jerry Pope, Tommy Minshew, (?) Andrea Kreuter, Darruth Barnett, (?)Donna Kay Dell
Mrs. Snell's 3rd Grade Class that met in the "Alamo" building.
Notice the same black Studebaker to the left of the kids in both photos.
Think that was the photographers car?  Thanks to Jesse Bradford for the photo
and the names!!!!!

Row 1 - Ernie Green, Jack Davis, Jesse Bradford, Dennis Johnston, Robert Reed, Jinny Sue Parker, ??, Sharon Holt,
Llewellen Little, Diana Miller, Bubba Medford

Row 2 - Janell Copeland, Betty Hall, Paula Green, Doug Bloom, Donnie Solly, Jack Mote, Jerry Lowe, Glenda __, Linda
Kay Moore, Alyce Anne Baggett, Sally Shaw, Joyce Register, Sandi Slack, Mrs. Snell

Row 3 - Sherry Saunders, Linda Wilson, Norma Jean Carrico, Ronnie Chumley, David Wilson, Billy Greenville, Dianne
Griggs, Garvin Brown, Gary Ray
Miss Smith's Second Grade Class
                                            and Leah Jane                      provided us with names!!!!!!
....email the webmaster with more names

1st Row: Chip Rich, Rhonda Cox, Paul Gallop (sp?), Hubert Cook (?), LeahJane  Horn, Joe Lee
Register, David McLendon, Karen Stringer,                          
Rusty Sinclair, Joe Lankford, Clark Bookshire, One of the Sanders Twins
2nd Row: Lynn Harris, (?), (?), Pam Hill, Kitty Carson, (?),  Cornell Walker, (?) Harold Havard, Fran
Austin, Gerald Conner and Scotty Taylor and Miss Smith
3rd Row: Pauline Bennett (?), Ruth Stanfield, Linda LaBar, Bob Dunkin, Judy Hines, Joy Davis, (?),
Steve Mosely (?), Donald Parrish, Donna Weber
Ms Rowe's FIRST grade class.....               ("50 cents" was written in pencil on the back)

THANKS to Ed Dorsett              for the info below:

I have some input for you regarding  Mrs. Louise (husband, Leland) Rowe's  first grade class at
Central Ward Elementary School (the present location of the Lufkin Civic Center) in 1953-54.  

Mrs. Rowe was a hard-nosed, but good, fair, and honest teacher. She taught us well.  She ran a
tight ship, and she didn't put up with any shenanigans...she was a good teacher, and we were so
blessed to be in her class.

To date, none of the students in Mrs. Rowe's class have been identified to you.  That's not good!

I have consulted with Nancy Brown Haygood (wife of Dr. Ben Thomas Haygood...LHS Class of
about '63).  Thomas is Karen and Susan Haygoods' older brother. Their parents were Mr. and Mrs.
Riley and Ellie Haygood), and their family owned and operated Haygood's Hardware Store in
Lufkin, (on East Lufkin Ave.?) facing the south side of the courthouse, for many years.

Here are Nancy (Nan, now) Brown Haygood's and my best efforts to recall, and to identify the
students in Mrs. Rowe's first grade class at Central Ward Elementary in 1954.  Please look at the
students, from Row 1 (seated in chairs) to Row 4 (Rows 2, 3, and 4 are all standing), and as
numbered from left to right:

Row 1, 2nd: Carol Grant, Mr. and Mrs. Ted and Ruth Grant's oldest daughter
Row 1, 4th: Linda Cherry  Row 1, 6th: Barbara Stringer
Row 1, 8th: One of the Durham twins.. Lynn (I believe) , or Glynn

Row 2,  Mrs. Rowe, 1st: Harold Havard, 5th: Fenner Avirett (now deceased)...He married Dianne
Griggs (Jimmy Griggs' (Angelina Co. Clerk)'s)  daughter.
Row 2, 6th: The other Durham twin.. Glynn (I believe) , or Lynn  I always had trouble telling them
apart. Row 2, 7th:Ted Hearnsberger Row 2, 8th: Robert Hensley

Row 3, 1 st: Robert "Bobby" Lowrey..after LHS and college, the last I knew of him was that he was
an Air Traffic Controller
Row 3,  2 nd: Linda Darlene Morgan...my first grade "crush", and one of the nicest and most
beautiful girls I'd ever known...she was at Central for only a year, then her family moved away.  I
wish i could see her again...
Row 3,  3 rd: Georgia Moore
Row 3,  4th: Linda Joyce Friday...Joe Friday's daughter...they lived on the east side of the original  
Main Lufkin Fire Station
Row 3,  5th:  Joseph DiStephano
Row 3,  6th: Dianne, or Diana Miller
Row 3,  7th: I believe this is Marieta Modisette, but I'm not completely sure...
Row 3,  8th:  Thomas Mitchell "Tim" Gip(or "b") son..His dad was a doctor in Lufkin; his mother
was active as a Girl Scout leader, and they lived on Second St., immediately acrss the Second
street (east) of Central Ward.  His parents sent him to a private school, Phillips Exeter Academy in
Exeter, N.H. after his 5th grade at Central Ward.  Tim was an amazing artist.. He loved to draw  
wonderful pencil pictures of airplanes....not just simple profiles, but action isometric drawings, too!  
He still lives in Lufkin, I believe.  The last contact I had with him was August 6, 1971, when he
brought me and my fiance', Janice Liese a thoughtful wedding gift.
Phillips Exeter Academy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Row 3,  9th:  Edward Dorsett,  the one on the right end with the photograph crease through his
eyes, with the big ears, and wearing the plaid feedsack shirt that my Mother made for me!  (Ed
writes this like he was the ONLY one with a feedsack shirt made by his Mother!! Harold)

Row 4,  1st:  Linda Kay Moore, now deceased.  
Row 4,  2nd:  Jack McMullen
Row 4,  3rd:  Nancy Brown (now Nan Brown Haygood)  
Row 4,  4th:  Unknown
Row 4,  5th:  Unknown
Row 4,  6th:  His name was Gary...maybe Gary Hearne?
Row 4,  7th:  Mike Meadows

Also, I remember Suzette Bryan, and Sue McDuffie, but I can't put their names to their first-grade

Now, please don't forget Mrs. Louise Rowe, standing on the left side of our picture!  Her students
did experience her smile on many occasions!  She was one fine teacher, and we all thank her so

I, and, I believe Nan Brown Haygood, just wish that we could identify everyone in our first grade
class, but this our current, combined best effort.  Maybe other classmates can help us to fill in the

In 1958 this beautiful school cost only $10.28 per sq. ft.
For a total cost of $318,434
Central Ward Elementary
June 21, 1961  Hotel Angelina
Can you identify Joe Langford, Ed Dorsett &
Harold Havard?
Know any others?
Leah Jane
wants YOU to
assist in identifying
these little people!