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Havard Family History
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EXAMPLE: I have fond memories of Uncle Winfred. Stan
and I would walk home from school and he would be
sitting in his chair under a tree on the hill. When his
tomatoes were ready, he would have us some washed
up with a salt shaker standing by. We could not wait to
get there after a long day at school. It was our version
of an after school snack.  
Don Pyburn

Havards are a species of their own. You either love
them with your every breath or hate their stinking guts.
Havard Family History
Havard Family History
Three Havard brothers, Jeremiah, Tom and
Henry came from Mississippi in the 1840's
and settled in Angelina County, Texas.  One
of the largest families in the county had
decended from the three brothers.

There are also three Havard cemeteries.  
They are the
Tom Havard Cemetery, the
Dunk Havard Cemetery and the Uncle Bill or
Southwell Havard Cemetery.  The Tom and
Jeremiah families are buried in the Tom
Havard Cemetery and the Henry Havard
families in the Dunk Havard Cemetery.
We need your help!
NO money involved, just your HAVARD family involvement!
   IF you have any HAVARD recollections, stories, truths, or HAVARD photos
contact the
WEBMASTER with information.
We will take hand-written, email or any other form of communication.
Sit down, write your recollections and send so that we can include
them on our pages of HAVARD HISTORY!
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